Research Areas

Research Areas

The purpose of National Center of Artificial Intelligence (NCAI) is to promote Artificial Intelligence (AI) research and development, as well as to assist the AI sector in establishing and growing, all while monitoring international trends and exploring answers to Pakistani challenges to reinvent our knowledge-based economy. Our labs and research facilities have been developed and structured to cover the breadth of this valuable technology. The Centre assembles strong research laboratories to conduct research in the areas of Video Surveillance, Data Surveillance, Medical Diagnostics using AI, AI Chip, Precision Agriculture, Navigation & Mobility, AR/VR, Smart Traffic Management, Neuromorphic Hardware, Neurofeedback, Mineral Resource Estimation, AI in healthcare, Disaster Management, Crime Detection with AI, Social Media Surveillance, Crowd Analytics, Crime Mitigation, AI in Assisted Driving, Intelligent Transportation, Vehicle Counting, Cancer Detection/ work on cancer, AI in Business Intelligence, AI in IoT, and Business Extraction. 

Video Surveillance

Data Surveillance

Medical Diagnostics using AI

AI Chip

Precision Agriculture

Navigation & Mobility


Smart Traffic Management

Neuromorphic Hardware


Mineral Resource Estimation

AI in healthcare

Disaster Management

Crime Detection with AI

Social Media Surveillance

Crowd Analytics

Crime Mitigation

AI in Assisted Driving

Intelligent Transportation

Vehicle Counting

Cancer Detection/ work on cancer

AI in Business Intelligence

AI in IoT

Business Extraction